Blog Week // Researching Visually

Sara’s talk was about what is, why is and how to visually research and how to document our work as well as the Do’s and Don’ts of visual researching and a load of very useful websites to look at, all in relation to our blogs.¬†As an introduction to blogging about our journey through the year and documenting¬†everything within it, it was extremely useful and helpful.

She spoke about how visual research maps and illustrates our process and makes something visual out of the idea in your head in order to show others your idea, make your thinking visual. We research visually to have it in front of us so we can develop it further. It helps others understand and helps everyone can access that idea. This was interesting because I can remember many times when I haven’t been able to express my idea across to someone, needing visual aid to make sure they could understand what I was saying. So a big message from the talk was: Stop just talking about ideas and visualise them!

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