Dissertation // British Museum

This weeks dissertation class was held at the British Museum! We all met on the front steps on Wednesday afternoon and were briefed on the afternoons task. We were to walk around for an hour and a half and find objects and pieces around the museum that reflected or showed the medium and process of writing and in what way.


I set off towards the European section and started at the Etruscan part of that section, I noticed at first that there wasn’t a lot of objects and exhibits that had writing on the actual artifact and it wasn’t until I was in the Roman Empire section that I found some memorial reliefs dedicated to people. There was also a lot of these but I also found some really interesting pieces from the part of the Roman section on the Roman Army, they had pieces of what looked like terracotta pottery or ceramic with ink inscriptions on them and were actually letters to people, some were warning people of events and others were just between father and son. I liked these because they were a but more personal than the memorial slabs which were a bit more official and probably glorified.

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Local Universe // Zine Mania

Jay from Nous Vous brought in a massive collection of zines to put in our studio library to look at as well as to use for the days brief. We had a look through loads of the little books taking in the illustrations, colours, binding, paper etc. and were told to create zines from the drawings from out People mini brief from the weekend using the zines brought in as inspiration.

Here are some of the zines that caught my eye:


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Local Universe Mini Brief // More Characteristics

Over the weekend we were given a short mini brief of 5 pieces for Tuesday’s studio session. We were told to research a character and to create a kind of narrative around the character and their characteristics and such.

I chose one of the lovely women that works at a Japanese Restaurant Sushino En that I have been to many times at lunch and created a narrative of what she would do outside of work – a sort of imaginary life so to speak. I depicted her using watercolours, fine liners and even charcoal.

I really like how they came out, they are cute and tell a good narrative and I am happy with the scenery even if simple. They worked well together too.

Local Universe // Character Building

Part two of the People brief was to interview someone in the local universe (In the boundary) and ask them questions like who are you? What do you do? Where are you from? Do you live in the area? and get a picture of that person then swap that information with someone else in class and they would build a character out of the information given. Creating one A4 piece and 200 words describing the character.

I hadn’t the confidence to talk to someone I didn’t know in the street and ask them these questions and thought I could use the rude encounter I had the previous Tuesday’s drawing session outside but I hadn’t any information like the ones the questions would answer. So instead I described my godmother to Leon using just the questions we were given as well as other characteristics and she described to me someone she had seen out when we were drawing and kind of made up information about them to help me build up their character.

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Local Universe // People

Our second little brief after Buildings is People. Taking a similar approach to Buildings we were to take to the streets and draw people capturing movement, clothing and character.

Shannen, Leon and I decided to go to the Royal London Hospital, thinking there would be a lot of people there to sit and draw while everyone went to the park on the other side of uni. We stopped by the crossing to try draw people waiting to across and get the movement of them all walking across.

At first I found it hard to get into the flow of it and was struggling to get much down on the page but as I went a lot it got easier. I often like to draw people while on the tube and I find it interesting that as soon as you get out a sketchbook (even a little A6 one!) and a pen, people start looking at you more.

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Dissertation // Show&Tell

This week we were asked to bring in a piece of research from our findings from our topic and to reinstate what we wanted to write about and discuss it a bit as a group, a little like a show and tell.

My topic if I haven’t already said on here is either about the commercialisation of mermaids or the image of the mermaid and how it’s changed over time. So, the book I brought is a book called Mermaids by Beatrice Phillpotts which has a kind of history of the mermaid but has a good description in the first paragraph that helps kind of define why I wanted to look at this topic.

“Supremely glamorous, forever combing her hair, just beyond reach, the elusively desirable mermaid offers the adventurous the challenge of the unknown and promise of wold forbidden pleasures. Behind this seductive image, however, the ‘sea enchantress’ lurks as a symbol of death. Enticed by her voluptuous promises, generations of the unwary have been lured to their certain doom in a thousand different stories, the basis of a powerful and enduring sea-myth that still exerts a lingering. A proliferation of mermaids sightings throughout the ages testifies to the continued eagerness to believe in one of the most attractive and compelling legendary beings.” Beatrice Phillpotts in Mermaids, Russell Ash/Windward, England, 1980

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Local Universe // Taking 2D to 3D

For the third part of our small project, Buildings, we took our drawings we did the week before and made 3D models of our buildings.

I didn’t make a model from my drawings but instead created a little beach shack on the spot sticking together bits of wooden sticks, thin bits of wood and some purple paper with black duct tape.

It’s rough and not too stable but it was fun to make and after we finished we put them all on a table and kind of made our own city or town which had a lot of character!

A very fun morning!

Local Universe // Creative Architecture

Our second part of the project, Buildings, we were asked to product four A3 pieces using drawing, painting, collage and all of the above.

I’m not great at collage myself and it ends up looking a bit like a kindergarten kid’s work. So I mainly stuck with drawing and painting.

The aim of the drawing was to perhaps create your own buildings from elements of the buildings we had seen while drawing outside. We could also make patterns and abstract pieces.

I drew some quite classical style buildings and a building scape, I’ll add some more photos soon!**