Blog Week // Containing Noise

As part of blog week we had a talk from one of our tutors, Matthew, on basically ways of decluttering and organising your blog in interesting and different ways.

The talk consisted of album covers, some that Matthew designed himself and other very well known albums from musicians from the likes of Bob Dylan, David Bowie and Beyonce.

Although sometimes I lost what the talk was about and was just having fun looking at all the album covers, it was very useful on different ways of categorising and sorting things. Using a theme like ‘four moody boys standing’ to contain any album with four moody male band members on the cover etc.

The point of all this was that we could apply this to our blog and to our projects and how we organise them on our blogs, being creative not only with the work but the way we curate the work onto the webpage. Subtle little things that can make the post appealing to people. Like the title for instance, the title of a post or piece of writing or work can play a big part on who reads and looks at a blog or post and you can be quite clever with it by playing with words. The title of this talk, Containing Noise, which essentially means organising music.

Matthews talk was visually and practically interesting and very useful when thinking about how to present an curate my blog.


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