Blog Week // The beginning of the journey

Blogging is new to our course this year and being under Visual Communication and in a very technological world where we spend so much time online what a better way to get our work out there and create an online presence as well as have a record of our whole academic year in one, easily accessible place.

We were sat down for a talk and tutorial by our tutors Ricardo and Sara to help us get started and help set up our blogs. The room was crammed with all of us from Illustration and Graphic Design from both third and second year and left some of us not able to see much from our seats. I think If we had done it by either course group or year group it would have gone down easier as it may have been better to get everyone to pay attention and to understand every step but of course that can’t always be arranged.

The tutorial was lenghty and hard to keep up with sometimes but I think most of us got the gist of how to basically set it up, along with the instructions from Ricardo’s resource. I left the tutorial a little confused but it wasn’t hard to set it up when I got home. I think for anyone it takes some time to get used to a new program and how it works before you can use it smoothly and confidently. I use other blogging websites such as Tumblr and have been used to using that platform so I am getting a little confused now and then on how WordPress works.

Apart from all the set up and confusion and now finally posting, I can say that I look forward to keeping a blog. Being able to curate and publish my work on a platform that is new to me is exciting and I can’t wait to see what it looks like by the end of the year!


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