Blog Week // Working with Photography

Our last talk for blog week was from Heather on using photography to show our work either for portfolios, competitions, work or on the blog. It was a really helpful and easily understandable talk and I think a lot of people will take a lot away from it. We looked at a lot of different aspects of photography and how it can show your work in different ways.

It was about understanding your work and asking yourself what is it you are photographing, what is it for and how you are going to go about photographing it. She talked about variety of full work shots as well as detailed shots and that sometimes using a photo that might not necessarily show the whole piece of work can be more effective, strong and dynamic. But always making sure people can see what it is. Use things like light to show the glossiness of the paint on a painting or photography the book standing up or open to show that is is a book etc.

Another aspect relating to this was to not to edit the photo so your work looked different in the photos to what it does in reality, it can be misleading and change peoples views on the work.

She said that blogs are more personal and informal so the photography doesn’t have to always have a very controlled look to it if you don’t want to, if you are showing the process or documenting talks/workshops.

Ensure you have space to photograph, having clutter in the background doesn’t always look professional when photographing work. And make use of natural lighting too, use reflectors to diffuse and soften the light.

We later then had a go taking in turns and made sure everyone had a mugshot done so we had a photo record of everyone as well as an opportunity to photograph work or to just practice some photography. It was fun playing around with the cameras and reflectors and it will help me a lot with my work and this blog!




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