Studio Culture Week // Studio Visits

Today, for the beginning of studio culture week we split up into our studio groups and went to visit some design studios in order to be able to create our own set up and vibe for our own studios.

My group, lead by Heather, head out to our visits to Clara Lacey’s and Kin Design’s studios. As Heather’s own studio is just down the road from Clara’s so our first stop was there.


Heather’s studio is a smallish shared space with a dark room down the back. It’s hidden away in a little side street around the corner from Hackney Road. It was spacious and organised and I can see that Heather enjoys working there.

We walked down the Clara’s studio and up to her little shared space. It was really nicely naturally lit and as Clara said herself has a lot of character. She shares the space with two other creatives in other fields such as fashion and she had some of her work laid out on their tables. She is an amazing illustrator and I adore her illustration style and her use of just the medium of pencil. I really liked her studio and I can imagine a similar kind of style and ethic for my studio, some of the others in my group seemed to really like it too.

Clara spoke about how she started out at home and found that she didn’t really get much done and she talked about herself as an illustrator and networking and some of the jobs she’d done and about how illustrations can change from original to print and about pricing and getting paid. It was really useful hearing about her experience as an illustrator.

After leaving Clara’s studio we went to Print Space and Flower East gallery and viewed two exhibitions, and had some lunch before meeting outside the Kin Design Studio.

They were very welcoming, the space was open plan and when you walk in you see all the team members sitting together in a row of tables and Mac monitors, I liked the communal feel of the space and everyone was relaxingly getting on with work. Although the space wasn’t finished as they had just moved into the space you could still get the feel that they liked to be hands on and craft ideas as well as work digitally on their computers or draw up designs at their desks. There was music playing and fun decor and furniture, which worked well and didn’t detract from the work. There was a small seating area in front of a TV screen where they gave us a short presentation of their work and about the studio as a whole. From what I heard and saw they all work equally as a team and all take part in different aspects of the process and are all hands on in the process from start to finish. Even from just the space and decor you can see they like the combination and relationship between the physical and digital.

Overall it was a really good insight into two quite different studios and I think as a studio us student can take different things from them to incorporate into our own studio culture.


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