Studio Culture Week // Build

Last Friday was our studio build and set up day and I went in excited to shape our space and make it something nice to work in!

We knew it was going to a long day and students were everywhere trying to see what they could scavenge from around the uni. Some students didn’t even know our space was a studio and tried to take some of our stuff away! In that way it was sort of manic but I thought my studio, Local Universe, were well organised and we all communicated well and got to it!

We started by separating the different elements that we wanted for our studio such as desks/table space, storage, wall space, cutting/wet space etc. After we sorted out those were the main elements we split into groups to think over how and where we could do that particular element. I was with Leon and Shannen to discuss the desks and we decided on everyone having some wall space to put up what they wanted in relation to their work and inspiration. We agreed part of the walls would have desks along them and then we would have two blocks of tables, each made up of two tables together with a board in between them so that they had a little wall space to put up references and such.

We decided on a crit/chill space that would be by the window where you could have a one to one chats with tutors or sit and look at something from the library we created from two left over shelves from the summer show last year. From one of last years studios we found bits of round wood and with bit and bobs of wood and some nails we managed to make it a small colourful circle table for that purpose!

We also are using the plan chests we have as the table top for our cutting area as well as using the draws for loose bits of paper and in groups we have organised to share draws to be able to put work in that we don’t want to take home and want to store away.

We left a big white wall space for where we can pin up work to be able to look at during a crit or as a little gallery space and next to that is a strip of white wall that will be our inspiration wall where everyone can pin up a picture or design piece or really anything that they find inspiring and/or will inspire others!

Overall I think we did a great job and I am really happy with it and think it is the best studio space from the lot and can’t wait to start settling into my space!

T H E  B E G I N N I N G



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