Hot House // It’s Nice That

As part of the universities Hot House to bring people from industry in to work or talk with us. The first of the talks was by Emily Gosling from It’s Nice That who gave us a forty five minute talk about the company/studio and how they run their space and practice and talking to us about the industry. I will admit I had never been onto their website before the talk but had of course heard about it and knew it was something I needed to get into and after the talk and hearing what it was about and how it was organised and the kind of content I was very interested to start looking and reading and have been on it since!

Emily spoke about how It’s Nice That started and walked us through how it first looked and how it looks now and which parts of the website was was as well as telling us about some events and talks that they have, like Nicer Tuesdays, talks on a broad range of topics that happen every month. She also showed some of the people they work with and the graduate scheme they have for third years finishing uni which I am very interesting in looking at for when I finish!


She showed us the studio space and how they plan out the content for the website and mentioned how they find the content for It’s Nice That and how could you get your work on there.

Overall, I think it was a great talk and very useful and interesting and made the industry seem less daunting. I am also pleased with the venue change for the talks this year, the space is much more spacious and although in a different building has a better atmosphere.


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