Dissertation // Eustache&Frampton

We’ve been continuing to look at films in our sessions and this lesson we looked at Jean Eustache and Hollis Frampton and at a film by each of them.

Eustache was a French film maker, we watched Les Photo d’Alix, a film where a photographer, Alix shows a young man her photographs and describes them to him. The audio and visual of the video had been either mixed up or changed so the descriptions didn’t always correspond to the photos being shown.


We all agreed it was a strange film and none of us knew anything about the film so we were all a bit baffled by it and didn’t think it flowed well or really showed much. I forgot while watching that it was a film with people playing parts and not a documentary, even though the photographer, Alix, was indeed a photographer called Alix.

We watched another film, Nostalgia by Hollis Frampton. This film was similar in the sense that the timing/order of the visual was different to the audio but there was more of a pattern or sequence to the film that made it easier to watch. The film showed black and white photographs while the narrator spoke, describing the photographs in an anecdotal way, but the narration was of the photo to come next. So, you hear the narration/story about the photograph while looking at the previous photo. Confused? So am I!

As the dialogue continues each photograph starts to burn until it turns to ash before moving onto the next photo.


I found the repetition soothing but the longer it played the more I had to keep myself awake but I wasn’t the only one that expressed that, few!

Overall an interesting class! Next week we get down to our dissertation topics!



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