Local Universe // Buildings

The first term of the Local Universe is C O L L E C T – basically it is about collecting as much visual research and information as we can, mainly from drawing and sketching. It’s not about always creating pretty pictures but loose, sketched out quick information of the subject or object.

On our first day of studio classes we were given our first brief and project: B U I L D I N G S

Our task for the day and will carry on through the week was to get as much visual information of buildings in our sectioned off area around the university building.


Today we went down near Shadwell station and walked around and drew some of the buildings. We needed to identify 10 buildings and get a minimum of 3 photographs and 5 drawings for each of them. I started off a bit rusty and could have done with some warm up exercises to get my hand loose because my drawings seemed a bit too on the messy side and didn’t really show anything but I suppose the shapes could be interesting. 

After lunch we went to Shadwell station and travelled between Shadwell and Tower Gateway on the DLR and drew some really quick sketches from what we saw on the journey. Leon. Shannen and I decided to stay for the duration of the time we were given riding back and forth trying out different sides of the train and different ways of documenting. It was quite hard as the train is quite fast and it’s only one stop away so the journey is only a minute. It really tests me on working quickly. I think I might take this idea when we move onto one of the other projects for when I’m on the tube.

We came back in the afternoon and had a debrief looking at everyone’s works and spoke about the day and pointed out interesting and parts of the works that we liked.

Here are some of my drawings from the day:




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