Dissertation // Show&Tell

This week we were asked to bring in a piece of research from our findings from our topic and to reinstate what we wanted to write about and discuss it a bit as a group, a little like a show and tell.

My topic if I haven’t already said on here is either about the commercialisation of mermaids or the image of the mermaid and how it’s changed over time. So, the book I brought is a book called Mermaids by Beatrice Phillpotts which has a kind of history of the mermaid but has a good description in the first paragraph that helps kind of define why I wanted to look at this topic.

“Supremely glamorous, forever combing her hair, just beyond reach, the elusively desirable mermaid offers the adventurous the challenge of the unknown and promise of wold forbidden pleasures. Behind this seductive image, however, the ‘sea enchantress’ lurks as a symbol of death. Enticed by her voluptuous promises, generations of the unwary have been lured to their certain doom in a thousand different stories, the basis of a powerful and enduring sea-myth that still exerts a lingering. A proliferation of mermaids sightings throughout the ages testifies to the continued eagerness to believe in one of the most attractive and compelling legendary beings.” Beatrice Phillpotts in Mermaids, Russell Ash/Windward, England, 1980

I like the contradictions and darker meanings behind mermaids and it’s what makes them so mysterious and enticing. As I continue reading the book I hope to find some more really interesting history on mermaids.

I thought the class was long but very interesting, I thought it was a good idea to go through everyones topics again and have a general discussion to ask my questions to each other about their topics. It made us all understand what everyone is writing about and bounce ideas off each other.


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