Local Universe // People

Our second little brief after Buildings is People. Taking a similar approach to Buildings we were to take to the streets and draw people capturing movement, clothing and character.

Shannen, Leon and I decided to go to the Royal London Hospital, thinking there would be a lot of people there to sit and draw while everyone went to the park on the other side of uni. We stopped by the crossing to try draw people waiting to across and get the movement of them all walking across.

At first I found it hard to get into the flow of it and was struggling to get much down on the page but as I went a lot it got easier. I often like to draw people while on the tube and I find it interesting that as soon as you get out a sketchbook (even a little A6 one!) and a pen, people start looking at you more.


While drawing by the crossing I was approached by a man who was singing to himself loudly down the street, he seemed to think that I was not a real artist because I wasn’t drawing the whole view including the buildings and I was apparently doing it the wrong way around and no matter how many times I told him that our project was looking at only people I was always cut off by him yelling at me saying I wasn’t an artist then and that he was a true artist because he would draw the whole scene. Needless to say the only way I was going to end that conversation was to walk off so I did so, needing a new drawing spot anyway. So, followed by the girls, perhaps a bit angry and frustrated, we stood by the bus stop and drew people waiting for the bus.

We made it a kind of game for ourselves to see if we could draw the person before their bus arrived and got on it. Of course then another man came up to me so see what we were doing! Even though I couldn’t understand what he was saying he was nice about it.

Afterwards we all met back in the studio and put them out so everyone could have a look at each others work! Some really different approaches and lovely drawings!



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