Local Universe // Character Building

Part two of the People brief was to interview someone in the local universe (In the boundary) and ask them questions like who are you? What do you do? Where are you from? Do you live in the area? and get a picture of that person then swap that information with someone else in class and they would build a character out of the information given. Creating one A4 piece and 200 words describing the character.

I hadn’t the confidence to talk to someone I didn’t know in the street and ask them these questions and thought I could use the rude encounter I had the previous Tuesday’s drawing session outside but I hadn’t any information like the ones the questions would answer. So instead I described my godmother to Leon using just the questions we were given as well as other characteristics and she described to me someone she had seen out when we were drawing and kind of made up information about them to help me build up their character.

My character that I’ve named Felicity, is someone who works in the fashion industry, probably at a magazine and during fashion weeks. Looks quite Parisian, very stylish, slim. About 30 years old and was in the area due to a photoshoot but doesn’t work in the area.

I have yet to finish the final piece and the 200 words but I will get it done in the duration of the People brief. I will post about the finished products later on the blog!


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