Local Universe // Zine Mania

Jay from Nous Vous brought in a massive collection of zines to put in our studio library to look at as well as to use for the days brief. We had a look through loads of the little books taking in the illustrations, colours, binding, paper etc. and were told to create zines from the drawings from out People mini brief from the weekend using the zines brought in as inspiration.

Here are some of the zines that caught my eye:


I teamed up with Shannen to put my illustrations from the weekend together into a little zine as we both kind of know the person I drew. I wasn’t sure the name of the girl but Shannen thought her name was something like Yumi so we stuck with that as we were creating a character around her. We looked at some of the zines that we liked and chose an A5 size was a perfect size to see the illustrations properly and is a good size to transport. One of the zines that caught our eyes was just folded A3 paper bound by an elastic band down the spine. So we experimented with folding A4 paper in half and using an elastic band and we were pretty happy with how nice and simple it looked. We found some acetate and wrapped it around the paper as a kind of shiny cover and it gave ti a nice touch and keeps the zine clean.

The hardest part of making it was making sure the illustrations were in the right side of the page because when folded page 1 was also page 6, 2 was also 5 etc. It confused me a bit and had to keep going over it. We made a small A6 mock up to map it out and looked at different ways of either printing or photocopying and it all got a bit too much and the end of the day was drawing in so we printed out the drawings out A5 size and cut and glued them in and intended to photocopy it but we instead used nice tape and made the zine look a little like a scrapbook as if Yumi was creating it herself.

Here is the final zine:




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