Dissertation // Mermaids of Zennor

I know I haven’t posted much about my dissertation and I have been working on it, I suppose with the rest of my work I haven’t felt like I needed to blog about my dissertation but I am sure there are many people out there who are interested in my topic. To reinstate my topic, I am looking at the commercialisation of Mermaids. I’m looking at the origins and tales of them, a media history of them and mermaids as a subculture and along side I’m looking at the evolution of the image of the mermaid.

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Visit // The World Goes Pop!

For competition module we were asked to go and see the new pop art exhibition at the Tate Modern, The World Goes Pop. I was interested to see how this exhibition differed from other pop art exhibitions and it did! It was an exhibition looking at pop art in other places in the world other than the western ones and it was very interesting. Our agenda for the visit was to look at the curation of the exhibition and lay out as well as the works themselves.

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FMP // Talk & Refine

As I’ve gone on with studio briefs and thinking about my FMP and beginning to research and develop the idea further I’ve refined the idea more and more from just talking to people about it.

My idea was going to look at a lot of different ways that Joanne could have turned out and different kinds of people she could be but I think the project shouldn’t be just an exploration of who she could be but also a look at how her life would be along side mine and where our lives could have met in the middle or crossed over, because when it comes down to it we’re both the same person but leading different lives.

What I am thinking of creating now are little zines that go together as a collection of different chapters/stages of our two lives that go along side each other and as certain points cross over. The zines would come together as an overall story and I may create some cards to go with them.

Visual Research // Sliding Doors

sliding_doorsWhen telling people about my FMP topic quite a few of them mentioned this film, Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow and John Hannah (1998).

It’s a romantic drama about the idea of ‘what if?’ where we see two different paths Helen’s life takes depending on whether she caught the train she was running for or not. I thought it was a really nice film and it is done really well and the audience isn’t often confused on which path of Helen’s life we were watching but it is really interesting how they both unfold and then how the film ends with a closing of those two paths to meet in the middle.

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Inspiration // Gemma Correll

I have seen her cards and T-shirts all the time and I have no idea why I have never looked her up but Jay brought to my attention to her and of course looked her up while fresh in my mind! Her work is really useful to my FMP and my editions briefs and could be really useful in how I might present my final work and ways of working out ideas. I even just love the layout and style of her website, everything is about her work and the way she works and her illustration style.

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Inspiration // Rachna Soun

I found Rachna on Tumblr while looking for inspiration for the new brief and was really interested by her drawings so I looked her up. She hasn’t got much info on her website but she is an illustrator from West Virginia. I found that she does patterns and photography among her illustrations and designs and I really liked the variety and style of her work.

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