Design Comp // Film Pitch

This design comp class was about pitching through the medium of video or film and a good example of that is kickstarter videos where people who need funding for projects can pitch their idea onto the internet on and people can support those projects and donate money if they are interested in the project.

So we were given a brief to create our own kickstarter style video for 2 weeks time. Where we pitch an idea through video (the project can be anything!) and try and get creative with how you present yourself, your project, your work and sell the idea so people would support and donate. Of course we aren’t actually creating an actually kickstarter campaign but using it as guidance.

As someone with little experience with film this project makes me nervous but I have thought about my idea and will probably make a video without be being in the actual video but focus it on my work.


We then watched an hour and a half long film called Beautiful Losers, a documentary on a sort of collective of artists who were all working at the same time and with each other and their individual experience with how they got into art and why they did. It was really interesting even if it did feel a little long but I got a lot of insight into how these people see things and the way they work.



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