Design Comp // Love You For You

For the film pitch brief for competition module I’ve decided to do a pitch for an educational colouring book for girls and young women and onwards. It’s basically a fun, interactive way for girls to learn more than they get taught at school in sex ed and generally about their bodies and self positivity. It would be looking at topics like, feeling confident about your body whatever shape, safe sex, sexuality, how to check for things like breast cancer and information about STIs and things about females that we should know but in a fun way.

The idea I have for my video is for it to be illustrated and to show snippets of the kind of drawings that would be in the book. The kickstarter part of it would be asking for money to create a mock up to present to publishers.

I feel confident about this idea and I feel it could be something that I could potentially create after graduating and put out an actual kickstarter project out there for it.

For this weeks class we were all just sharing Ideas and helping each other on improving them. We were split into groups of 4-5 and we created an A3 sheet with notes on everyones film pitches.

After that we created an A4 page each with an image, title and three points describing your project and we took it in turns to present the idea to the class and get some overall feedback but mainly to just share the ideas everyone has.

It was productive and as someone who hates standing up and talking about my work and about things in general it was easy as! Some of us are groping together to meet up at uni and film all our videos together at the beginning of the week so we can help each other, especially when some people have equipment that the rest of us might want to use.


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