FMP // The Initial Idea

My final major project is of a personal one. I find choosing something I know about and that is familiar to me but has room for exploration an to learn more about helps me get into a project and for my FMP I thought I would do some exploring into my own Local Universe, tying in with my studio. I’ve lived in two cities in my life, Sydney and London and they have formed a massive part of my life. I’ve always been either ‘The English One’ in Australia and ‘The Australian One’ in England and I find it interesting the different places people think I’m from because of my hybrid English/Australian accent. London and Sydney have very different lifestyles and I want to look at them and myself and how they’ve both shaped who I’ve become today. It’s a self exploration project to look at living in two different countries and cities.

My initial research is mainly looking at the areas I grew up in and where I am most of the time, mapping out my journeys and areas I frequent and do a little history on the areas and look at memories I connect with places.

The kinds of works I want to produce will I think be comparison works, comparing and contrasting the differences in both cities and creating some mixed media but illustrative large works.

The briefs we’ve been doing in the Local Universe studio will influence my work and research too with looking at the types of buildings, people, signs etc. in both cities.


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