Local Universe // Doughnut Forget Me

For the second task for the Sign Language brief was to redesign/reimagine a sign or logo that we think doesn’t work. I chose Dum Dum Doughnuts’ Sign out their store.

I didn’t see a logo or anything from when I walked past only this sign and although it is clear what it is selling but I thought I would design a logo for them anyways.

I immediately thought of using the image of a doughnut somehow which is the obvious option but I wanted to try and incorporate the name in it somehow. So I began sketching ideas.

I did a little research the brand to get some info on the kind of brand they are and find pictures of the doughnuts they sell, and to see if they in fact have a logo and they do. It’s quite a simple graphic representation of a doughnut in pink, black and white using circles. I thought it was alright and does do it’s job but I still wanted to get a bit creative and illustrative with the brand.

I drew a doughnut and thought about putting the two ‘D’s of Dum Dum in the middle of the doughnut whole facing back to back and sketched it out and then played with the idea of the doughnut being the two letter ‘D’s ¬†and split the doughnut in half and it went on from there!

After playing with that idea and switching placement I came up with these two different options.

We then were asked to put it into the environment/setting that it would be shown in so I mocked up the original photo I had and put in my illustrations on a pink or white backgrounds.

I think with this project I could take it further and work more on it if I wanted to and if I get time I might do some more on it, I found it quite fun and I want to work in the food industry perhaps doing things like this. It was a fun brief.


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