Dissertation // Fine Arts Exhibition

We went on another visit this week for dissertation and this week it was to the Raven Row gallery in Spitalfields to see an exhibition called Fine Arts by Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys. The exhibition looks at humour in art and was made up of hundreds of watercolour paintings and two rooms with films playing.

I found the exhibition a bit weird and I didn’t quite understand all of it but some of the watercolours were nice paintings, others were questionable, haha! The films were very much the kind of films that I’m not into at all and I found them very hard to sit through as there were long moments with nothing happening but three people standing in a tight circle looking at the floor. It didn’t help that they were shown in the top floor apartment of the lady who I think owned the building and had died years ago with the place left almost untouched. It was a bit eerie and uncomfortable. The decor was very old, 1980s or 90s I think but it was very dated.

But I did love the gallery space, it was a really pretty building that you could tell had been there a very long time and had very nice staircases and fireplaces.

We had a debrief at the end and shared a few jokes before parting ways until next week. Overall, it was definitely not an exhibition I would know about or think of going to but I think it’s always good to go to some that might not be your thing to broaden your mind a little.



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