Hot House // Paul Jenkins

The second talk as part of the Hot House was from Paul Jenkins from the Triple Double studio. It was an insightful talk about the practice of designing and how to go about working. His points were to collaborate, create, experiment, test etc. He really went through important things to think about and remember during our studies and in industry.

  •  When creating “done is better than perfect” but to always pursue perfection and play with it
  • Experiment and create our own process
  • Our process along with the final end result can define how clients and customers see you
  • Unpick your brief – What is it asking you to do? Understand, define and rewrite it
  • Designer skills are needed but people are more important than ideas – Without the right team, you can’t make the right idea.
  • Test it – always test everything – different audiences se different things so test your projects on different people. You can always go back and develop it.

And so on!

The talk was really helpful and easily understandable and it didn’t feel like someone from industry was talking to us, he was down to earth and very relatable.

The talks from Hot House talks are really interesting and I enjoy listening to people from industry.



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