Local Universe // Getting Weird

The next brief from the studio was Getting Weird. Where we were asked to go out and photography and draw weird, strange and unusual findings from the local universe area.

I went out on Wednesday morning and walked around the back streets of Whitechapel and up around Brick Lane. I found it very hard to find unusual things when I was purposefully looking for it, unusual and weird things that happen always happen when you’re just minding your own business and just so happen to be there at the time.

But having said that I did find some things that I thought looked cool and was unusual in terms of context.

The first photos are of bags upon bags for fertiliser outside of a gallery off Brick Lane. I thought it was strange as it wasn’t obvious that it was a gallery upon first look, the outside of the store looks like an old pharmacist/chemist from the Victorian Era. It wasn’t until I researched the place that I found out it was a gallery. The bags of fertiliser are questionable and perhaps suspicious but of course I don’t know the true reason for being there. This could be a possibility for task two of the brief in forming a narrative but it could go in a bit of a dark direction but I have a few ideas.

The next two photos are my favourites of the ones I found. This was just down the road from the gallery and I noticed when walking around wool around the posts on the street. I thought it was cute and they had some in different colours. I like the idea of creating a narrative on how they got there.

I also saw this building near Spitalfields that seemed to begin to slant on the left side of the of the window and noticed the door was completely slanted. I liked it’s unusual-ness and that it’s been left like that.

It isn’t really too unusual because there a few houses in the area with hand door knockers but I thought this was looked a little creepier because the hand looks more real and as if it’s reaching out of the door.

I think I’ve got a few ideas for the next part of brief that I’m going to be working on.


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