Dissertation // Tate Print & Drawing Room & Tutorial 

Had an awesome dissertation class at the Print and Drawing rooms of Tate Britain. We were able to request a piece to be viewed during our session.

Before going in, as we were early I was able to have a little look around some drawings from the Pre-Raphaelite era which I thought were really nice pieces. I hadn’t seen much sketches and rough work/ unfinished from that era.

We then went and had a look at our requested prints and drawings and it was really, really interesting. The works were put up on small stands and we were asked not to touch them. There is something so nice about seeing the real print in front of you compared to a photo or digital image of a drawing or print. The colours were so intense, especially blacks. I picked out an Erte called Sapphire which was of a mermaid but it must be one of a series because the print that was there for me was a different piece but of sort of a similar style. The other works were really interesting too, I think one of my favourites was Barnett Newman’s works which had such rich colours but such simple prints.

The next day I had my first tutorial for my dissertation and worked out a chapter structure. My dissertation is comprised of three chapters the Origins of Mermaids (History), the Commercialisation of Mermaids (Media history), the Subculture of Mermaids  with a visual evolution of the mermaid along side (illustrations) which allows me to use more words in the three chapters because to be honest they are all dissertation topics themselves. But it was a good quick session and now I am ready to get writing!



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