FMP // Who the F*ck is Joanne Monkman?

It’s no secret of mine that I was adopted, it’s just not always brought up in conversation but now I want to create a conversation about it. A light hearted, witty conversation.

I decided to change my final major project idea when talking to my friends about how the house I was fostered in before I was adopted is just down the road from where my parents’ house is here in West London. I found that nugget of information while having dinner at a pub next to the house. My dad pointed out the window “You see that white house on the corner there?” I look down the street, “Yeah” “Well that’s where you lived before we got you” he slipped so casually into the conversation. I thought that was really cool and almost surreal and went on to say how it’s like I’ve done a circle back to where I began.

But I don’t want to get into the deep, emotional side of this, there isn’t really one to be honest. I was adopted when I was four months old and don’t really know anything else than being known as Rosie Storer. But what would Joanne Monkman be? That is who I was before it was changed. What I want to play with is who I would have become if I hadn’t been adopted by the Storer’s and was still Joanne Monkman (Even though technically I am still called Joanne Rosie Storer – a confusion I’ve dealt with my whole life). I want to explore the narrative that could be Joanne’s life and what she could be up to in a parallel universe where she exists. I think I can create some cool, witty narratives and characters from this idea and I’m feeling confident with this idea that I have a lot to explore.

Onwards and upwards! Wish me luck!


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