Workshops // Animation

Kieron held a small animation workshop last Wednesday where looked at mainly stop motion animation and the program Dragon Frame and the basics of it before being able to get help on any animation related stuff!

We started by looking at some animations. Here are a few I enjoyed:


This was one of my favourites that we were shown, and the reason he showed us this one was because there was so many different techniques used. There was drawn, made, 3D, real life/photographic etc all mixed into one and it was done so, to show that the animator can do all those things, show off his skills. It is so cleverly done and engaging. It’s a great piece of animation especially for students.


This is another very good animation. The creator had written down the sequence and narrative of this animation all in writing with no spaces, just a full page/s of writing and had been turned down when pitching it to a group of people so he went off and made this animation and everyone was astonished! It’s an animation of a father telling his son a bed time story, a rather sad, morbid one but the way it’s told is quite amusing and keeps you watching. It’s been animated so well in terms of lighting, sound, setting etc. It’s a super effective animation.


This is a really cute animation and I love the simplicity of it. It’s basically a married couple just having casual conversations, it’s very funny even if it’s not trying to be. I thought it was a great piece of illustrated animation.

After a break we looked at DragonFrame and did a small animation exercise to see how the program works. We had 4 dots and they were being moved different lengths but at the same time, while taking shots frame by frame we ended up with a very simple animation of the dots moving from side to side at different speeds depending on how far it moved in one go. It was very interesting and a very good visual way of learning stop motion animation.


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