Local Universe // Editions

Our next brief and brief from the Local Universe studio until after Christmas is Editions. The brief is about us creating a limited edition piece of work either a zine, print, poster, cards, badges etc. to sell at a market stall in December.

I have had a world wind trying to figure out what to do! We were first asked to come up with three ideas to choose from. The ideas I came up with were: to create a zine from the illustrated narrative I did of the yarn on the posts (and I’m considering sticking with that one too!), a kind of character profile booklet of Joanne Monkman (linking to my FMP) or a little christmas narrative about Joanne and I being invited to the same Christmas party (also linking to my FMP). I didn’t really get much feedback on which one to do rather I was told which one I shouldn’t do which was the character profiles.

So, I went on the idea of doing the Christmas party story and wrote out the narrative and sketched a few things and showed it at the crit and Emily said to try out different styles and ways of drawing and to put some movement into the characters in order to create a personality and character narrative.


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