FMP // Talk & Refine

As I’ve gone on with studio briefs and thinking about my FMP and beginning to research and develop the idea further I’ve refined the idea more and more from just talking to people about it.

My idea was going to look at a lot of different ways that Joanne could have turned out and different kinds of people she could be but I think the project shouldn’t be just an exploration of who she could be but also a look at how her life would be along side mine and where our lives could have met in the middle or crossed over, because when it comes down to it we’re both the same person but leading different lives.

What I am thinking of creating now are little zines that go together as a collection of different chapters/stages of our two lives that go along side each other and as certain points cross over. The zines would come together as an overall story and I may create some cards to go with them.


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