Local Universe // Editions as follows; Tutorial with Jay

I had a great tutorial with Jay from Nous Vous about my ideas for the Editions brief and he told me his thoughts and helped out with references. Jay thought my Christmas Party comic idea was a good idea but a big task for the brief and to perhaps think about a way to simplify it or to just produce it for my FMP and choose another option or something from the idea that is more simple.

After thinking about it, I think I might make a zine out of the Getting Weird brief narrative because it is kind of christmassy and the illustrations would look really nice as a zine. It means I can concentrate on the printing and binding and how I want to present it as well as leave myself the time to get it all done and looking fab!

I also had an idea to make cards that go along the lines of my FMP but might not necessarily have he characters of Joanne and I. They are inspired by Gemma Correll’s little cartoons and comics and they would be witty cards about meeting yourself from a parallel universe. I have a few ideas and will probably sketch them out and blog about them in the next week.

References from Jay:

Grafixx // Elcaf // Nobrow // Gemma Correll // Isabel Greenberg // Lizzie Stewart // Jeffrey Brown // Grace Helmer //


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