Visit // The World Goes Pop!

For competition module we were asked to go and see the new pop art exhibition at the Tate Modern, The World Goes Pop. I was interested to see how this exhibition differed from other pop art exhibitions and it did! It was an exhibition looking at pop art in other places in the world other than the western ones and it was very interesting. Our agenda for the visit was to look at the curation of the exhibition and lay out as well as the works themselves.

I mainly concentrated on how it was curated and the layout and design of the space rather than much of the artworks which I did look at and take in but I really liked the spacious design of the exhibition. There were a lot of installation pieces but there was so much space to walk around int he exhibition and I think it worked really well. I also really liked the wooden floors with the brightly coloured walls and partitions. It was bright and very of the pop art style but also sleek and clean and made emphasis on the works and almost set a mood/tone to each of the themes that were presented.


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