Visual Research // Sliding Doors

sliding_doorsWhen telling people about my FMP topic quite a few of them mentioned this film, Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow and John Hannah (1998).

It’s a romantic drama about the idea of ‘what if?’ where we see two different paths Helen’s life takes depending on whether she caught the train she was running for or not. I thought it was a really nice film and it is done really well and the audience isn’t often confused on which path of Helen’s life we were watching but it is really interesting how they both unfold and then how the film ends with a closing of those two paths to meet in the middle.

These undoubtedly connects to my FMP. I like the film am looking at the ‘what if’ factor of whether I stayed with my birth parents or was adopted and where I am now. Like these two parallel worlds are happening along side each other and may cross over at any time without realising. In a way the film helped me kind of refine my topic a bit more in terms of instead of exploring all the ways I could have turned out, I will just look at he two paths: Rosie and Joanne and how they pan out and perhaps cross over without the each other realising or noticing.



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