Dissertation // Mermaids of Zennor

I know I haven’t posted much about my dissertation and I have been working on it, I suppose with the rest of my work I haven’t felt like I needed to blog about my dissertation but I am sure there are many people out there who are interested in my topic. To reinstate my topic, I am looking at the commercialisation of Mermaids. I’m looking at the origins and tales of them, a media history of them and mermaids as a subculture and along side I’m looking at the evolution of the image of the mermaid.

A while back on BBC Radio 4 there was a story being read called ‘The Mermaids of Zennor’ which is a folk take from Cornwall of a mermaid that comes to the shore and lures young men to the sea with them by the use of song. She can only appear to them and she sings to them and then one night she will appear and sing and the boy will just wonder off with her and won’t be seen again but perhaps hear them singing when you’re out to sea.

I found the tale on the iplayer and was able to listen to it before it was removed from the website. I enjoyed listening to it while working away on other things. It wasn’t a long story but it gives a good picture of the mermaid and it’s luring qualities and it gave me a kind of sense of the kinds of tales that were and have been told over the years on the coast of the UK.


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