Local Universe // A Yuletide Yarn

Here it is! The finished product of the Editions brief – A Yuletide Yarn. I am quite proud of how cute it looks, apart from the paper not really being the paper I wanted but due to the way I printed it I wasn’t able to use my own paper easily. It is something I want to work on and figure out and reprint for some people who want to buy them off me! I think the red twine is a nice touch and works well and I really like how the illustrations printed. Overall, I think I did quite well considering I was at a peak busy time of rushing around! But it’s that time of the year!


Design Comp // Work Experience with PX2

I went up to Norwich for a few days to visit my cousin Michele who has her own graphic design company called PX2. She specialises in design for web and print, and a lot of her work is logo, website, leaflet, booklet and advertisement design. I had asked her to do a little bit of work experience that I can do on top of some work experience with Cecilie in February.

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Visit // The London Illustration Fair

For design competition module we were asked to go check out the London Illustration Fair (would have gone anyway!) and look around and get some inspiration from the different artists and how they present their work.

There were so many amazing artists and some that I even recognise from shops and from online, which is always cool! There was definitely a lot of inspiration taken from the morning and the artists all seem so nice too!

Local Universe // Collaging

For our Friday session, we were looking at Collaging and using the photocopier to enlarge textures and patterns and moving it around to create some cool patterns.

I had been ill all week and hadn’t had the time and well being to get some cool artsy flyers and things but I’m sure I had some magazines somewhere at home. Nevertheless I picked up what I could which was Time Out and NME magazines. At first I didn’t find anything of use as we were looking at things that would relate to our FMP. But after thinking about different ways I could use it and after Emily showed us some examples I thought about how I could use magazine patterns and such to help with my character drawing and ought I could use some patterns and such as dress patterns and clothing. So I looked again through my magazines and found the first few patterns I could find and cute them out. I also cut out the woman on the front of one of the NME covers as she had similar length hair and a nose ring like me and decided to use her and cut her eyes out and put a spattered paint pattern behind her eyes and photocopied it. The results were pretty cool!

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Local Universe & FMP // Illustrators Illustrating People

After the crit on my ideas for the editions brief, I was told to do more research into different styles of drawing and to work on drawing people in movement and different ways to give personality and character to my drawings of Joanne and Rosie. So, I went on the search for illustrators and how they draw people and was very inspired and fell in love with some artists. I will link the artists below in the order of the illustrations shown.

Betty Raspberry // Rachel Corcoran // Melissa Chaib // Emma Block