Local Universe // Collaging

For our Friday session, we were looking at Collaging and using the photocopier to enlarge textures and patterns and moving it around to create some cool patterns.

I had been ill all week and hadn’t had the time and well being to get some cool artsy flyers and things but I’m sure I had some magazines somewhere at home. Nevertheless I picked up what I could which was Time Out and NME magazines. At first I didn’t find anything of use as we were looking at things that would relate to our FMP. But after thinking about different ways I could use it and after Emily showed us some examples I thought about how I could use magazine patterns and such to help with my character drawing and ought I could use some patterns and such as dress patterns and clothing. So I looked again through my magazines and found the first few patterns I could find and cute them out. I also cut out the woman on the front of one of the NME covers as she had similar length hair and a nose ring like me and decided to use her and cut her eyes out and put a spattered paint pattern behind her eyes and photocopied it. The results were pretty cool!

I had quite a bit of fun photocopying and experimenting because you never knew how it would come out until the photocopy came out.

When I got home I drew up some characters and cute out the dress/ clothing shapes from the patterns I had enlarged. I quite liked the result and will probably play more with it when I comes to the cards I want to make.


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