Visit // Children’s Book Fair

Last Saturday there was a children’s book fair held at the South London Gallery. I thought I’d go along as although I’ve never seen myself illustrating children’s books, the illustrations are one of the thing that makes me want to read them.

I hadn’t many expectations and I don’t often venture to South London so I thought I would have an adventure. It was relatively easy to get there if you are google map savvy and the gallery is a nice space with a nice cafe/dining area. The book fair was in a small little room off the gallery that you had to walk down a stone path to get to. It was a cute little space. I wasn’t aware it was so small but it was nice, very casual with a lot of kids and parents around.

I didn’t stay for too long as I saw everything quite quickly but there was some lovely design! There was also some books from Nic and Jay from Nous Vous which was pretty cool to see!

Here are some of the stuff I picked up:

Some books that caught my eye:

Curious // What’s Hidden In The Woods?


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