Local Universe // Additional Edition

My editions brief has taken many turns and I have changed he content of my zines quite a bit depending on the feedback given from the tutors. It’s been a very busy few months and I suppose in terms of time management I’ve had to use my time that I have well!

As I’ve said in a previous blog post I have moved back to the yarn narrative from the Getting Weird brief. After having a tutorial with Nic from Nous Vous I decided to make another yarn narrative to go along side as I wouldn’t be properly fulfilling the brief by using one of the previous projects. So, I decided on a Christmas version of my yarn story! After brain storming, there isn’t too much I could think of a ball of yarn doing and thought I’d take my original concept and make it Christmassy, having the yarn travel to the North Pole from its home to the North Pole to wrap itself around a candy cane pole. I thought the narrative was sweet and I’m happy with how the illustrations have turned out.

My next step is that while up in Norwich this week for work experience with my cousin who is a graphic designer I will get her help to get the illustrations printed. I had a small tutorial with Heather last Friday and decided the best thing for me to do to make sure it would come out how I want it to is to hand cut and fold all my zines, which I quite like the handmade quality of that. In terms of packaging I was thinking of putting them in little paper bags and will go and get those this week and I will create little stickers of my logo to seal the bags or use some red twine/yarn to tie it shut. Time is tight but it is easily achievable with the right time management!

Some illustrations from the story:


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