Visit // Hifest

Similar to the Londin Illustration Fair, I went to Hifest down in Hastings last Saturday! Hifest is an Illustration Festival that happens every year where illustrators open up a stall and sell work and there are talks and workshops with various artists.


I went down with Tara and had a nose around at the very varied types of illustrators and stalls. I think the stalls that stood out to us the most was the ‘It’s Not Edible’ stand (not sure that was the actual name!?) where you could get yourself drawn as a sandwich. As I learnt when Tara had her portrait done was that you choose your bread from a basket of paper made 3D pieces of bread and you’d have a black and white drawing done then like subway you’d be passed down to another member of the stall to get your toppings and condiments added e.g. Cucumber, cheese, onion, gherkin etc.
Another that we thought was great was Orson, the 13 year old doing portraits for £1! He was brilliant and loved his style of drawing people. He was very popular and always had someone at his stall requesting a portrait! I even got mine done, the look he was going for was stern and taking charge!

We also had some great little conversations with the artists about their process and products and even said hi to our tutors from Nous Vous, Nic and Jay. It was a creatively out and was fun, I always enjoy finding new artists and inspiration, it was a very successful trip!


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