Design Comp // Work Experience with PX2

I went up to Norwich for a few days to visit my cousin Michele who has her own graphic design company called PX2. She specialises in design for web and print, and a lot of her work is logo, website, leaflet, booklet and advertisement design. I had asked her to do a little bit of work experience that I can do on top of some work experience with Cecilie in February.

The first day was an introduction to her studio and practice and how she works. She also helped my out with my editions project and how to lay it out in In Design and showed me some tips and tricks for Illustrator which was really helpful and I learnt a lot.

The second and third day she had me working on some live projects working on some logos and banners for different kinds of businesses. It was really useful and fun to work a project that a client will use and take their ideas and try and produce as many ideas as I could from that. For each logo I produced I would come up with between 4 and 8 ideas.

Also on the third day she also took me along to her BNI meeting to see where she gets her business from. BNI is a international organisation that helps businesses network and find more business. They hold weekly meetings all around the worlds where each business says what they are looking for and everyone will take note and see if they can refer anyone to them. Everyone was very enthusiastic and I can see how it can be very helpful to small businesses and a way to make connections in the area.

I found the couple of days really helpful and useful and I enjoyed the few days away from London and I’m really excited to be doing some work experience with Cecilie!


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