Hot House // Joe Cruz

We had illustrator Jow Cruz come talk to us about how he went from student to professional and his journey through jobs and internships. It was a really interesting talk and he seemed really lovely. I hadn’t seen his work before but I think it is really awesome! As someone who has played with illustration and fashion myself (and still have a lot of interest in) I think his work is so colourful, bold and striking.

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Local Universe // Rough Trade, Rough Drafts

I sketched out various ideas the week we were given the brief for the posters and I really liked one of my ideas, the one with a broken record on the front. This one stood out to me because of the title, Rough Trade, I immediately see the poster being a little rough around the edges and use hand typography, not neat. My way of working isn’t very neat or detailed so I thought it would fit well.

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Inspiration // My Inspiration Tumblr

This is the tumblr blog I keep to post inspiration to be able to go back to reference too or for others to see what I’m into. It’s kind of like an active mood board on things that I like and influence and inspire my work although I haven’t updated it in a long time everything is still relevant and I will be trying to update it more often. Feel free to go check it out! Follow it and share the sinpiration!

Design Comp // Colloquy Groups

I was asked along with a few others in my year to take the Design Competition class. We were in charge of forming groups within the class to show each other our work for hand in to help each other develop our work.

After telling everyone what was going on, Chris went through the lists of what we needed to do and then we went of into our groups and were busy for the morning just discussing each others works.

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Inspiration // Crispin Finn


Crispin Finn is a design studio based in London and Margate. The studio is made up of  Anna Fidalgo and Roger Kelly and they create illustration, design, screen prints, stationary, ephemera and assorted wares.

I was drawn to their style when we were shown a piece of their work during our briefing for our next project which is on posters and prints and I couldn’t help but fall in love with their use of typography and bright, bold colour. They have an almost vintage style with a contemporary, clean, digital (and print) twist. They’ve even done some work/products that I have seen out and about and had been interested in. I absolutely love their imagery and will be a huge inspiration for our new brief.

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