Local Universe // Mapping Our Universe

First day back after the Christmas holidays! For the first studio day back we began by going through all the research and drawings we did from the first term to form a large map of our Local Universe with Jay and Will from Nous Vous.

We started by looking at Mappa Mundi – the largest Medieval that is known to exist that is held at the Hereford Cathedral. (Some info from the website) Measuring 1.59 x 1.34 metres (5’2” by 4’4”), the map is constructed on a single sheet of vellum (calf skin). Scholars believe it was made around the year 1300 and shows the history, geography and destiny of humanity as it was understood in Christian Europe in the late 13th and early 14th centuries.


So from this map we took the idea of the large map and made The Cass the centre. Jay and Will taped up a large sheet of paper onto one of the walls of the studio and we began to draw out buildings, people, signs, logos etc onto pieces of paper and bluetacking them to he paper.

After lunch we stuck up another large piece of paper to another wall in the studio and began to redraw all the elements in the right place, starting a big collage of everyones information and imagery that we all picked up in the first term. It still looks bare at the moment but it is something to be added to throughout the year and hopefully by the end of the term we have a really cool map of our local universe created by us.


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