Local Universe // Prints

Our latest brief and our first brief of the term and it’s on making posters for something in our local universe. The posters can be about anything really, a cafe/restaurant, a shop, an announcement/notice, etc. We are to make two posters and print them using either screen printing, risograph, letter press or lino/wood cut or all of the above.

This project excites me, something as simple as a poster can illustrate and communicate anything you’d like really and to have the freedom to do whatever we’d like as long as it’s in the local universe is fun! I really want to centre around food or music as they are two industries I am interested in working in after uni but to be honest I was looking more at music than food. I started thinking about bands in the area that I could possibly illustrate a poster for, I looked up bands in the east end and not many come from the local universe as the local universe is a strange not really residential area for the most part so that was going to be difficult. So I looked at venues where bands would play in the area and thought of Rough Trade, remembering it’s a record store that also holds gigs (for free apparently!).

Rough Trade is an independent record label based in London, founded in the Ladbroke Grove area in 1978 by Geoff Travis. It successfully promoted and sold punk and indie pop and post-punk bands music which led to Travis managing and distributing acts. They now have stores in Convent Garden, Brick Lane, Nottingham and even in New York. 

The Brick Lane Branch opened in 2007, called Rough Trade East. The building was previously a Stella Artois Brewery. The branch holds gigs and sells some chart titles among a large range off indie, independent and reggae records. A quarter of the merchandise sold is vinyl records. 


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