Workshop // Colour Seperation

We had a studio work shop on colour separation for our prints project. The workshop was to help us get our prints ready for print especially when using two or more colours. We first looked at some examples of posters and their composition and how they use colour, direction, the way you read/look at them.

Our first task was to take the 10 sketches we were asked to do and take a few elements (e.g. two images and a word or two of text) and to do at least 5 different versions of arranging them differently on the page. We then looked at them and chose the best one of the 5. We then developed the idea more and separated the layers for print in terms of what we want what colour.

I did mine on the record store Rough Trade and made the first layer the background and the record and the second layer was cut out letters. We then scanned them in and colourised each layer, seeing them how it would come out when printed. It’s something that when explained it can be a bit confusing but is actually quite simple. But I really enjoyed the workshop and has really helped me with figuring out what way I want to print my work and how I will go about designing and creating it.


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