Hot House // Joe Cruz

We had illustrator Jow Cruz come talk to us about how he went from student to professional and his journey through jobs and internships. It was a really interesting talk and he seemed really lovely. I hadn’t seen his work before but I think it is really awesome! As someone who has played with illustration and fashion myself (and still have a lot of interest in) I think his work is so colourful, bold and striking.

I liked the way his style translated between jobs with different companies/brands/studios etc. It was really refreshing to hear about how he struggled a bit at first and at one point had gone to a job centre but he always tried the next thing and kept trying until he got there, he seemed very down to earth as well.

Illustrating on photographs is something I’ve thought about doing but never got around to trying but he has inspired me to try sometime.

It was a really interesting talk and I really enjoyed discovering this new artist and influence!


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