Local Universe // Rough Trade, Rough Drafts

I sketched out various ideas the week we were given the brief for the posters and I really liked one of my ideas, the one with a broken record on the front. This one stood out to me because of the title, Rough Trade, I immediately see the poster being a little rough around the edges and use hand typography, not neat. My way of working isn’t very neat or detailed so I thought it would fit well.

I wanted to focus on the record as an image as it is the stores primary product and I wanted to do a one colour print. Not having used lino printing since year 8 and never having actually done the others, only a induction, I wanted to keep it as simple as I could while I got used to the processes. Then with later projects I will experiment with more colours and layers when I’m more familiar with it all. The store deals with mainly black and white as their colour scheme so I want to stick with that and make the posters close to something that they would use to advertise or promote the store.

From the previous sketches I had done plus the ones I had done for the colour separation workshop I carried on looking at them and looking at how I could develop them into a proper poster design.

So, produced the design with the Rough Trade in it’s infamous typeface on top of the broken record and East at the bottom and I could later add a tagline underneath. I also really liked the half the record on the page which I played with during the sketches done at the colour separation workshop and so I took that and was inspired by some of the images I found in my research and drew out what is shown below. My next move is to scan them into the computer and clean them up a little and make sure the black areas are solid and ready to print for screen printing.


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