Visit // Ginger Moose Exhibition

IMG_8004For Design Competition my two friends Marta and Sophie chose the exhibition route and teamed up to put on an exhibition in the cafe of our university. They went under the collective of Ginger Moose and put up a few collections of their work last night for the public and sold prints, cards and stickers.  

Marta was exhibition her Flora of Hyde Park and Animal sketches collections illustrating detailed illustrations of beautiful flowers on various different papers and different creatures from her visits to the Natural History Museum and the like. I am always amazed by her illustrations and in love with them, I don’t think she sees this herself or how much potential there is but I don’t she’ll have any troubles getting into industry what so ever.

Sophie was exhibiting her Selfie collection, where she takes people selfies or pictures and creates unique and fabulous portraits in her own crazy style including one of me! Hugely influenced by Luke Dixon you can see where she gets her inspiration from and every portrait she does is loved by everyone! Sophie definitely have potential and I think she should develop this style further and illustrate more then just portraits in this style and explore the things that she loves with this style.

I helped set up and take down the exhibition with the girls along with some other friends and it was fun from start to finish, we had some lovely people come and see the exhibition but I was quite disappointed that only a fraction of our course’s student went along and only one or two tutors. I really felt for the girls as it was a really great exhibition and if perhaps there was some promotional help from the tutors to get the word out, it could have been an absolute hit but nevertheless it went very well! I could see these girls putting up this exhibition again together in another space perhaps in another cafe in London where more people could see it and possibly buy the works!

Kudos to these two girls and their huge effort in putting on an exhibition amidst all their university work!


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