Local Universe // Scream Printing

This week I screen printed my posters, wanting to get in the workshop before the rush of everyone else wanting to get their posters done. Thinking I was very organised and I was actually but my first day of printing was a little bit of a nightmare. It was y first time screen printing after just having done an induction and I was nervous about using the equipment but very excited to give it ago and see how my work would come out.

Everything went fine, I cleaned and prepped my two screens for exposing and of course after properly looking at my positives they aren’t as good as we had previously thought. Basically the black areas weren’t black and dense enough and so it was tricky to know if it would expose well. But I gave it a go and put my designs onto one screen because they both fitted onto one *which I later realise was probably not the best idea* They managed to expose and come up better than I had thought after the anxiety of spending the morning prepping and cleaning screens and perhaps no work to go on them!

When it came to time to print most of the day had gone and Shannon (who had come with me to print her poster) had only half an hour or so to print them and we had to share a table. So I set my screen in place and realise my paper it cut up into A3 size and then realise lining them up to the designs to that they didn’t overlap or be off to one side of the page was impossible and I started getting a little frustrated but persisted and went ahead and started printing and of course the design doesn’t come out right. To be fair I had mixed black and silver and perhaps the silver wasn’t working right but even the black ink wasn’t coming through well and I was so exhausted from being in the workshop since that morning to have this happen! While I huffed and consulted with the technician and a tutor I went and cleaned it off to try again while Shannen had her turn of printing hers out – which of course come out perfect and look great!

I try again and it doesn’t really come out great and I use up my nice paper that I had bought for my posters which I shouldn’t have. So while have a but of a tantrum I clean up and put everything away. I was told if no one was in the workshop the next day I could come in which was great! After thinking over when I would get paper.. still having a tantrum… I am so sorry Shannen! We went and I got some more paper for the next day.

Fortunately I had calmed down by the following day and had made a plan in my head and everything went smoothly and the prints came out amazingly and I have 3 good prints from each of the designs among some good ones of tracing paper.

Sorry for the ramble/rant about it but it could have gone a lot easier than it did but I learnt a lot about the process and am more confident in screen printing then before and had come out of the other side with some great prints and a week before the deadline! Talk about being organised!

(Disclaimer: Header Image is not mine. Can be found here)


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