FMP // Child-like Research

My latest idea for my FMP is to create a children’s/ young adult picture book using the characters of myself and Joanne and illustrate the two paths we have taken but still ending up being the same person, illustrating that you can be what you want to be, no matter what path you choose, you are still you. I like the idea and I think it will work better having that message or storyline under my story, it makes my project more relatable to others.

I went along to Foyles bookstore to look at children’s books, mainly to look at the illustrations and the different styles and ways of illustrating stories. Here are some that caught my eye:

Stina by Lani Yamamoto 

The illustrations on this book stood out to me, I loved the simple line work of the front cover with the small portrait in the middle. The style isn’t neat with perfect straight lines, it has character. I really liked the illustrations within the book as well as sometime the cover and can a different quality to the inside but I thought the book had a fluidity. The book used the white of the page really well. Just a really nice style of illustrating!

Love Is My Favourite Thing by Emma Chichester Clarke

Now Emma Chichester Clarke is a friend of a family friend of mine and I heard about her through this family friend showing me her blog, or well her dog Plummie’s blog, as she appears in the blog many times when she’s looking after little plummie (Who I’ve met!). So I was immediately drawn to this book as I recognised the illustrations. I think the book is really cute and I’m not just saying that because I love dogs to pieces! I like the way Plum is illustrated and how the illustrations sit on the page, being able to say a lot on each page. We all know what dogs are like and this is a cute book about how cute but annoying they can be but we love them nevertheless!

Website // Blog // Twitter

Little People, Big Dreams: Coco Chanel by Isabel Sanchez Vegara

This book is illustrated by Ana Albero and I was drawn to the cute style and typography used on the cover (I know, never judge a book by it’s cover…I couldn’t help it!) The book is a small illustrated book about Coco Chanel the fashion designer. I liked the different style of the illustrations and how they brought over Gabriella as a person and character and the way the clothes were illustrated. It’s a really nice stylised way of drawing but it suits it, makes the book different. Very cute!

Ana’s Website // Instagram // Shop 

The Perfect Tree by Chloe Bonfield

I found this book interesting as it is a mixture of illustration and cut pieces of paper then photographed. It works really well with the style of the book and gives the book more depth and perspective, brings the image alive and off the page. It’s a really cute book and it’s been illustrated really creatively. I am definitely inspired by this for my FMP.

Website // Blog

Eric by Shaun Tan

I thought this book looked really cute, the little character of Eric is very cute but almost creepy too. The illustrations inside the book remind me a little of my yarn stories with the bordered illustrations but the illustrations themselves are quite different. I like the detailed black, white and greyscale illustrations of this little character. They’re grim but playful and have an air of mystery almost. I love the colours used on the cover and it brings the book alive.

Website // Blog

Home by Carson Ellis

As you may have guessed I liked this book for it’s watercolour illustrations, they are really lovely. The illustrations have a beautiful quality and look so smooth and simplistic and familiar. There’s not a lot I can say other than I really, really like them! I also like his comics on his website.

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Ralf by Jean Jullien

This was a cute little one about a long dog that always got in the way until he saved his family from a burning house and became a very, very long dog. The illustrations are simple and bold in colour and shape and striking. I think they are cute though and I like the rough pastel like quality to the lines.

Website // Instagram // Facebook

Once Upon an Alphabet by Oliver Jeffers

This is a book I actually saw at the Museum of Childhood while there with a friend. I thought the cover looked interesting and very bright so I picked it up and it is a lovely illustrated book of the alphabet. I love the use of watercolour as well as colour and the way the letters and part of the image is drawn on top of the watercolour with a crayon/chalk like medium. I thought it was really visually interesting and a cute kids book.

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