Dissertation // In Need of an Update

I have totally forgotten to write on here about my dissertation status. It is definitely underway and I have written and researched a good deal of it so I think I’m making progress. I have to confess that I have found it difficult to keep up with it along side the practical assignments I have but I have made up for that time lost.

I am still very much writing about mermaids and their ever popular presence. I’ve written all about the origins and history of mermaids dating back to ancient Assyria and am up to the Victorian era which will feed into the second chapter of the essay which will be a sort of media history of mermaids and how their image and presence changed with the increase in scientific discovery.

I’ve also done some research on mermaid omg which is part of how mermaids became a subculture. I will make a post about my findings on that soon!

I also started a Pinterest board of images and things on mermaids as inspiration and possible use in the visual typology that will go along side the essay. You can have a look through it here.

(Disclaimer: Header Image is not mine. Can find it here)


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