Visits // Creativity in the Digital Age

Tara and I went along to the Apple store in Covent Garden to a talk called Creativity in the Digital Age. My expectation for the event was a big room filled with people and a big stage and for the talk to be about mainly digital art. I was pleasantly surprised when we turned up and it was a very intimate setting. There were four square tables on the mezzanine of the Apple Store and a small stage with some director style fold up chairs. There wasn’t too may people there, around about 20-30 people. The talk was also being filmed and recorded.

The talk was with illustrators Ellie Andrews, Polly Nor and Jack Sachs and an interviewer sat down with them in front of us and was asked about their practice and studio and about social media and it’s importance to their practice. I found it really interesting and very useful as they are all very young illustrators, around the same age as I am and were probably in university not too long ago so it was great to hear about how they got into the industry and how they practice and what kind of work they do. I hadn’t heard of any of the artists before, Tara already followed Ellie Andrews on Instagram. They all agreed that Instagram was their primary app or piece of social media that they used. I really liked hearing that they all had different ways of working and their typical working day was different and thatI could relate. Hearing them talk about their practices made me feel less scared about the future and finishing university and heading into the real world.

After the short talk each artist came to a table each to show their work and it gave us the opportunity to ask them any questions. I thought this was really cool and it was nice to have a smaller group of people and have a real conversation with the artist ad as they are around my age I felt the conversation wasn’t forced, it was more relaxed and down to earth. I thought they were really cool people and I enjoyed hearing about them and their work. I was surprised to learn that Jack hadn’t started using Cinema 4D software until his last year of uni and now uses it all the time and has kind of mastered it, it was comforting knowing that I don’t have to be a pro at all these digital softwares but to keep playing with them and I will get better. I could also relate to Ellie in that like her I didn’t really know about illustration until foundation year, it was awesome to know I wasn’t alone in that and that it doesn’t matter. I chatted a bit to Polly and she was really lovely and she had said that she herself didn’t feel she did that well at university but it didn’t really matter for her as she now makes money from selling her own prints.

it was really insightful and I’m really glad I went, even though I had no idea what they would be talking about. I will definitely be looking out for future talks that Apple will be putting on.

Ellie Andrews // Website // Instagram // Tumblr //

Polly Nor // Website // Instagram // Twitter // Shop //

Jack Sachs // Website // Instagram // Tumblr // Twitter // Shop //


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