Visual Research // Layouts

For my reflective diary for Design Comp I’ve been looking at layouts, mainly publication layouts as I will be creating a form of publication, book, magazine etc. I took to pinterest as I find they have a huge arrange of layouts on there and some really amazing design. It’s been very inspiring and having a pinterest board is a good way of compiling a lot of things like a mood board digitally and easy to go through later. Here is a pinterest board I made on layouts.


El Palauet Living Barcelona / Layout by Marnich

The hand rendered type is what drew me to this layout. The titles & contents have a really nice quality to it and make the page pop against the black and white illustrations and type. It’s a really nice and simple. The headings are what ties in the illustrations to the piece and the layout.

Layout by Shanti Sparrow

This is a really fun layout. It’s so bold and colourful and reminds me of pop art. I think it’s a very effective layout depending on what it is you are writing or showing, in that way it’s quite a specific kind of layout but it’s so striking you can’t help but notice it.

iBook Author Template

These layouts are fun and simple and professional all in one. The pop of colour is what makes it a bit more fun, without it some of the pages I think would look a bit bland and not too exciting. It is cool how one little thing can change the whole layout.


Flatmate’s Handbook by Laurel Earl

The layout and style of this book reminds me of James Hancock Guilliver’s style but mixing it with some digital type and photographs. I love the partly handwritten and hand drawn elements of this book and layout. It makes the book come over as more hands on. I like the detail and style of the illustrations too. This book will be very relevant to the type of layout I want for my reflective diary.

Acne Studios promo book by Therese Ottem 

I really like this layout, like the layout by Marnich this one uses hand rendered features and I really like the mix of the heavy bold text and the photographs with the ripped painted page. It gives the page some texture. I’ve only seen it online but I’m curious to know whether the rip is printed or is actually a feature of the publication I think the latter could be a really cool feature for the fashion brand and could work well. The drawn aspect is the same for the other page, it provides a texture and pattern to the page but doesn’t take too much away from the photo as it is just simple shapes and all one colour.

Layout by Useful 

This layout is striking to me but I love it. I’m not sure whether it’s a cover or a double page spread but I love the clean simplicity of the page against the messy scribbles on top. It’s a fluid page and it works really effectively and want to explore using this in my reflective diary when talking about the drawing I did on work placement as it fits in really well and is relevant.

Typografie Standard

This layout is just a different way of typography on the page. I think what draws me to this is the clean flat tone of the pink and the boldness of the black text. The page with copy on it can seem busy and a lot going on but next to the plank page it works well and doesn’t over complicate the layout.


Layouts by unknown

I think these are three interesting cover designs for books or even a series of books. The first one is my favourite and makes me think of spray paint and street art. I think this layout would work well for a street artist. The others have busier covers nut they are visually interesting and probably say something about the book/publication. I like the textures that are shown.

I’ve looked a few different kinds of layouts here but all visually interesting and it makes me excited to create my reflective diary and try to make it look awesome, maybe just as awesome as these publications look.

(Disclaimer: Header image is not mine. Can be found here)



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