Design Comp // Work Experience with Gille & Cecilie Week 1

I was lucky enough to spend two weeks at the Gille & Cecilie studio in Shoreditch for work experience. The first week was really insightful in ways of working and the process of working through a project and I found it really interesting how focused I was while in the studio and the amount of work that can be produced from a small task.

A lot of the work I was doing was going towards projects the studio was undertaking. I spent most of my days drawing and researching and going through many, many pages of layout paper!

One project I worked on was an illustrated animated gif of someone’s head exploding (Sounds fun right!?). My job was to draw out different ways the head could explode using patterns as well as drawing out the person who’s head would be exploding and the tiny movements they make. I Spent a few days on this project if not most of the week. First: finding different patterns and figuring out how this person will look, second: developing the patterns, drawing out the different ways each pattern could/would explode and third: drawing out the person in steps of movement and working on facial expressions. I think I found creating the patterns and developing them the funnest part of all of this, I created loads of really funky patterns that could be used in many different kinds of things. I also spent a day researching annoying things, at first from my own experience and then generally. From that research I drew up story boards of how they could make your head explode and what it could look like as an animation.

I also looked shortly at another illustrated gif on a face being squished against a window or against glass and trying to illustrate that. It was part of a project on crowded spaces that the studio was doing and I looked at later in the week when I had to do research on the rush hour. I had to gather as much information I could on rush hour to help for when I would be drawing the following week from my research. Even the research was fun but although more difficult than I thought because most of what came up when typing ‘rush hour’ into Google was the Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker film Rush Hour. Funny films but not what I was looking for.

I also helped out with some illustration for an editorial piece for a restaurant review magazine. I illustrated some little characters out of potatoes, chips and salad as well as some dishes and different parts of the restaurant.

The first week went quite quickly and I feel like I got a lot of work done which is always great and I had fun, Cecilie is a great tutor and has a wonderful studio space and work ethic and it’s so enjoyable being there! One more week to go!


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